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"Operational Integrity Management is largely a collection of management techniques and technical applications

Operational Integrity Management (OIM)

By Ian Sutton

OIM - operational risk management in industrial management


Operational Integrity Management (OIM) ebooks

OIM is a business process management system that can be applied to operational risk management and process safety management. Industrial management examples with project deliverables. (PSM, HSE, RAM, Six Sigma, ISO 9000/14000)

Ian Sutton is in the process of writing and publishing a five-volume set of books covering the topic of Operational Integrity Management (OIM). The names of the volumes are shown in the box below. The five volumes are supplemented by examples of Project Deliverables and Checklists. To see a complete list of the chapter titles download the full Table of Contents as a .pdf file.

As chapters are completed and published we are releasing them in the form of eBooks. Please see the Table below for information to do with available products and prices.

What Is Operational Integrity Management?

The Table below lists the chapters that are currently available. To see a complete list of the chapter titles either click on the volume titles to the left or else download the full Table of Contents as a pdf file.


Ttile (pages)

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A.1 OIM Overview (26) 


A.2 Historical Background (60)

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A.3 Worked Examples (8)



Fostering an OIM Culture (24)

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B.9 Prestartup Review (17) 

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G.9 Prestartup Review Checklists


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What Is Operational Integrity Management?

process safety, industrial plant

H.L. Mencken

Operational Integrity Management (OIM) consists of an integrated set of theories, practices and techniques for ensuring that an industrial facility operates "with integrity", i.e., that the facility's performance is what it should be - no more, no less. It would be pleasant to imagine that OIM presents a simple, elegant solution to all of the safety, production, environmental, profitability and health problems that managers face. Yet, as the twentieth century newspaperman H.L. Mencken  reminds us,

For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.

The truth is that the "discipline" of operational integrity management is largely a collection of management techniques and technical applications that have been tried over the years, and that have been successful to greater or lesser degrees. Many of these techniques share much in common. For example considerable overlap exists between the management systems developed for Responsible Care , Process Safety Management and the Safety Case Regime.

The books in this series attempt to provide an integrated and systematic approach to understanding and achieving operational integrity. Both theoretical techniques and empirical practice are described and explained. These books also aim to show how operational integrity management can be made practical - to help a manager implement a system in the real world, and achieve meaningful results. The goal is to provide information that can be used right away at 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning.