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Process & Utilities Plant Hands-on

Maintenance of the manufacturing process and related utilities.

chemical storage to compressed air


Process & Utilities Plant Hands-on Ebook
ESBN: C60-592B-1a38-50D3

Maintenance of the manufacturing process and utilities is very thorough. Details on industrial air compressors, chemical storage tanks, steam traps, flanges, even bitumen asphalt repair.

All the information a maintenance person needs to keep the utilities flowing to a process plant. The ebook not only covers the typical for example process cooling towers, boiler packaged system and industrial air compressor, but also looks at the technologies that are involved in actually delivering those utilities.

To name a few, steam trap, pressure relief valve, flange, membrane filtration and threaded pipe. The less obvious topics are the modified bitumen (asphalt repair), chemical storage tank lining and the wet scrubber for releasing clean gas.

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Table of Contents

  • Flange bolting-up practices. 

  • Bitumen roadway repairs.

  • Pressure equipment inspections. 

  • Locating pressure relief valves.

  • Vertical bulk liquid steel storage tanks.

  • Cooling tower design, operation and use.

  • Steam trap operation and selection. 

  • Sealing threaded connections properly. 

  • Air Compressor Operation & Care

  • Holiday Detection in Above-ground Tank Bottom Lining Inspection.

  • Is your wet scrubbing tower working? 

  • Plant Compressed air waste reduction.

  • Fired Packaged Boiler Basics. 

  • Membrane and leaf filtration overview.


 Price:  US$25   NOW US$12.50

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