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Low Priced PLC Trainers with Ladder Logic Examples. 

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Below is the AB Micrologix 100 PLC Trainer with Allen Bradley Ladder Logic Examples

 ABS01 PLC Trainer Kit,

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ABS01 Micrologix PLC Trainer w/Lessons
EBN: M07-306K-ABS0-0001
Description:  Micrologix 1000 PLC Trainer w/ Lessons

This PLC equipment is great for PLC programming training as we designed the PLC Trainers using actual PLC and provide ladder logic examples. Some of the PLC programming examples are the actual Allen Bradley ladder logic examples we use in current manufacturing training. This educational equipment is at the lowest price possible to help job hunters who know higher education equals higher pay. Individual price is set at the same low price we currently give to Schools, Corporations and Government for large volume purchases.

This PLC Trainer kit is an Allen Bradley  (Micrologix 1000) with everything you need to start programming. Just download the software RSLogix (RS500 PLC starter Kit) and RSLinx (RSLinx light) to start creating your own programs.

Includes ... 

  • 1 Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC
  • 1 Training Module
    • 4 discrete inputs pre-wired
    • 4 discrete outputs pre-wired
  • Power switch
  • Programming Cable
  • USB to Serial converter and instructions. (Replaces AB cable USB-1761-CBL-PM02)
  • Power Supply
  • 5 Allen Bradley Ladder Logic Examples
  • 7 PLC Programming Training Lesson
  • Download instructions for RSlinx light and RSLogix 500 PLC starter kit

The included series of lessons are for the beginner programmer just learning how to program and the seasoned engineer that is looking to improve their skills. We cover everything from simple pointers to advanced moves and data manipulation.  We are trying to teach you something you can not get in a manuals, but recommend you read them too.

The PLC Trainer will have the CD with 7 PLC programming training lessons, software download instructions and 4 Allen Bradley ladder logic examples.

Lessons and PLC Ladder Logic Examples:

  • Lesson 1: Basics - A Simple Latch Circuit Example. Basics of creating, editing and downloading a PLC program.

  • Lesson 2: More Basics. PLC Software Tips like finding instruction help, split screen, about the project  tree, custom data monitor and the processor status file.

  • Lesson 3: PLC Scan Cycle. How the PLC's looks at the logic and real world inputs and outputs.

  • Lesson 4: An Event Recorder PLC Program. In this lesson we will cover on how to record and play back (in sequence) an event or series of actions (inputs) then play them back as outputs. You will be recording up to 20 events, using FFL's and FFU's. Includes PLC ladder logic example to use in PLC. (.rss file)

  • Lesson 5: Tracking Parts on a Conveyor Line. Learn how to track a part that is moving down a production line or conveyor with the PLC, by tracking parts you can determine when to remove a rejected part for example. Includes PLC ladder logic example to use in PLC. (.rss file)

  • Lesson 6: Grinding Machine PLC Program. This lesson simulates a grinding machine by running a table up and down and into the grinder (resurfacing grinder). Includes PLC ladder logic example to use in PLC. (.rss file)

  • Lesson 7: Pump Sequence PLC Program. Turn on and rotate vacuum pumps depending on the wear (hrs ran) and the need from production. Pump Sequencing, you will learn how to program a series of pumps and have them automatically cycle on and off (one at a time), so you keep even ware on the pumps and cycle them depending on and off depending on the pressure switch settings. Great introduction to real world of PLC programming and trouble shooting. Includes PLC ladder logic example to use in PLC. (.rss file)

Learning material is in PDF lessons and in rung descriptions of actual PLC ladder logic example files. (.rss) PLC ladder logic examples have well documented rungs so you can  follow the program and see the reasoning for everything.

Allen Bradley PLC Ladder Logic Examples

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