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PLC Simulator and Tutorial
PLC Simulator and Tutorial Training

Learn operation of PLC controls using ladder diagrams, multi-meter, wiring diagrams and schematics. Monitor and change settings in PLC. Learn troubleshooting techniques for any PLC make or model.

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PLC SCADA Training course

 PLC SCADA Training Certificate course

This unique PLC SCADA Training course uses the above PLC Simulator and tutorial training software with our new SCADA Basics course (using Siemens WinCC for SCADA examples) to form the PLC SCADA Training Certificate course.

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IR Infrared Training

Level I Thermographer Certification Training (32hrs)

Level II Thermographer Certification Training (32hrs)

Level III Thermographer Certification Training (21hrs)

Infrared Thermographer Courses :

Infrared Electrical Inspection training (16hrs)

Infrared Mechanical Inspection Training (16hrs)

Infrared Electro Mechanical Inspection Training (24hrs)

Infrared Building Inspection Training (18hrs)

Petrochemical company training Infrared Training for Petrochemical Companies ( 21hrs)


  Management Of Change Ebook (MOC) Management of Change (MOC) Ebook provides guidance as to how such a program can be implemented and maintained within the overall structure of an operational integrity management program.

 5S Lean Manufacturing Training Video DVD This Lean Manufacturing Training Video (in English or Spanish) ensures the key concepts of 5S are communicated to employees. The 5S Lean training takes the audience through each stage of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain.

 Problem Solving Skills Training DVD Are you asking yourself "How can myself or my team improve our problem solving skills?" If so this training solution is for you. This Problem Solving Skills Training Video DVD  (in English or Spanish) also covers Fishbone Diagram, 5 Whys and brainstorming techniques.


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Belt Bucket Elevator Design - Second Edition

Belt Bucket Elevator Design, Use and Care

Pumps - The 3 E-Book Set

Gaskets and Bolted Flange Connections CBT


Industrial Electrical Training Video Set

PLC SCADA Training Certificate Course

PLC Troubleshooting Training Software

AB PLC Cables and Drivers Video DVD

PID Simulator: PID Control Basics

Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Training Series CBT

PLC Training - 2 CD Set

Process Control & Instrumentation Simplified

Electric Motors in Use e-Book


Fault Tree Analysis e-Book

Asset Maintenance Systems & Methods

Maintenance Policy and Procedures Manual Ebook

Operating Procedures for Process Plants e-Book

The How to SMASH Maintenance Advisor e-book