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See also our software area for many new releases in 2006: Computer Based Training CD (CBT) Software and Power Point presentations (We are giving away a free Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Training Series CBT (DEMO CD) with any other CD order from this website for the entire month.

Feed Forward Publications and Company News, Week Ending Dec 25,2005 for professionals worldwide.

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===== EBOOKS =====

>> Operational Integrity Management (OIM) ebooks


OIM is a business process management system that can be applied to operational risk management and process safety management. Industrial management examples with project deliverables. (PSM, HSE, RAM, Six Sigma, ISO 9000/14000)

Ian Sutton is in the process of writing and publishing a five-volume set of books covering the topic of Operational Integrity Management (OIM). The five volumes are supplemented by examples of Project Deliverables and Checklists. To see a complete table of contents of these downloads go to https://feedforward.com.au/OIM_management.htm 

This demonstrate how Feed Forward Publications is willing to work with authors and support their new ideas. 

>> Mike Sondalini to Published another Industrial Management Book.

Mike Sondalini's will publish another industrial management book, " True Downtime Cost eBook - 2nd Edition " in January. This new release is a joint project between Mike Sondalini and Don Fitchett. This makes 6 industrial management titles in a row for Mike.

The Goldmine in your Maintenance Work Order System eBook

Production Risk Management Using Equipment Criticality Analysis

Business Strategy Management with KPI eBook

Employee Training and Development with SOP eBook

The Industrial Asset Management and Equipment Reliability Toolkit ebook


>> New 2006 HMI to PLC Training Workshop

Business Industrial Network will be hosting this two day training seminar on Allen-Bradley's Panelview (HMI-OCS) and Panel Builder software in Saint Louis, Missouri - March 21-22, 2006. This will be a hands-on workshop with PanelView 550 and PanelView 300 as well as the SLC 500 PLC and Micrologix ™ PLC to work with. Details can be found at HMI to PLC Training Workshop.

>> New 2006 PID - Process Control Training Workshop

Business Industrial Network will be hosting this two day training seminar on PID - Process Control in Saint Louis, Missouri - March 23-24, 2006. This course, will give you a firm foundation in Process Control and PID control tuning utilizing special training software designed specifically to simplify the learning process. Details can be found at PID - Process Control Training Workshop.

Both of these related Phase II training courses are being held back to back so attendees can register for the combined 4 day Phase II course. Already know your HMI inside and out? You can register for the PID training only if you like. Every one can learn from this course, even if it is just a refresher for you.


>> Business Industrial Network Partners with Control Station, Inc. to Provide PID Control Seminar

We’re pleased to host Control Station and offer Practical Process Control to our base of industry practitioners,” stated Don Fitchett, President of BIN95. “Training is critical to maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage. By equipping engineering staff with essential knowledge and skills, we empower them to positively impact their plant’s performance.”

“The link between training and competitiveness is clear – Companies that invest in the training of their staff consistently outperform the competition,” commented Doug Cooper, Control Station’s Founder and Lead Instructor. “By equipping employees with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decisions, we are empowering them to optimize the means of production. BIN95 shares that perspective and applies a similar hands-on approach, assuring a high-impact, high-value learning experience.”

Don goes on to state, "Both companies look forward to a long and lasting relationship with many new products resulting in the near future."

===== NEW AUTHORS =====

>> Bhagwati Prasad Gupta releases his Second Technical Reference eBook

Bhagwati Prasad Gupta has spent more than 35 years in the field of maintenance, and has been exposed to various industries in India, Russia, Germany and Switzerland. Bhagwati just released his new technical reference eBook, "Industrial Hydraulic Systems and Circuits". Some of you may already be using his  first technical reference eBook he published with us, "Precision Machining Equipment Maintenance Handbook".

Bhagwati's eBooks are a great example of the convenience PDF eBooks provide as a technical reference. You can have a copy handy on your computer and quickly search thru the hundreds of pages. When you find the technical reference you need, you can print the page and take it out on the shop floor. Get the page dirty, no problem, print another the next time you need to. The original stays safe and protected from the elements, protecting your investment in the reference material.

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