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>> Wireless Devices in Process Manufacturing

Wireless devices are of interest to many process manufacturers, because they offer the ability to easily add remote or incremental functionality to existing installations without significant installation cost. However, growth in this area is thwarted by numerous detractors, including concerns over susceptibility to interference and security issues.

This survey is designed to gauge current and future acceptance of wireless devices in process manufacturing in light of these issues, as well as manufacturer perspectives on applications, standardization, and other market dynamics.

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>> Pressure Transmitter Market in China to Grow 11% Annually

The demand for pressure transmitters in China remains strong as efforts to build infrastructure and a manufacturing base continue. This growth is expected to be strongest early in the outlook period as the government feverishly prepares to host the 2008 Olympic Games. The product mix of pressure transmitters is changing as conventional transmitters slowly give way to more intelligent devices. This trend is expected to continue as China transforms itself from a big manufacturing country to a strong one.


>> Invensys Process Systems Opens Technology Center in Beijing

Invensys Process Systems announced the opening of a new technology center in Beijing, People's Republic of China. The new facility includes well-equipped technology demonstration, customer training, and technical support areas, as well as offices for local sales and engineering staffs.

Staffed by approximately 15 full-time specialists, the new Beijing technology center complements Invensys' existing presence in China, which includes the Shanghai-Foxboro Company Limited facility in Shanghai, with its manufacturing, sales, customer support, training, and engineering capabilities.

Houghton LeRoy, ARC Advisory Group, commented, "Major companies such as Invensys are focusing on improving customer value in China and other Asia Pacific countries. Expect Invensys to focus on plant to business interoperability with strong asset performance management capabilities."

>> Business Industrial Network Offers New Training Solution in Most Major US Cities

Business Industrial Network announces they now offer over 150 training locations in most major US cities to hold their customized industrial training classes at . The New Service will be launched at the St. Louis location (“The Microsoft Building”), with the June PLC Training Seminar. 

New Industrial Training Solution Offered to Customers in Most Major US Cities 


>> Schneider Electric to Acquire Invensys Advanced Building Systems in EMEA

Schneider Electric announced that it will acquire Invensys Advanced Building Systems operations in Europe and Middle East (ABS EMEA). ABS EMEA, owned by Invensys plc, is a provider of building automation solutions and services (regulation, monitoring and control of all technical equipment in buildings) in the UK under the Satchwell brand name and has a strong presence across the rest of Europe and in the Middle East. The company generated revenues of $168 million for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2005, with a restated operating profit of $12.3 million. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals.

Dave Clayton, ARC Advisory Group, commented, "Schneider Electric's acquisition of Invensys ABS EMEA will significantly strengthen the company's offerings for Building Automation equipment. Previous Schneider Electric acquisitions in the BAS market have focused mainly on intelligent Building Automation System controllers and workstations. The acquisition of Invensys ABS EMEA will allow Schneider Electric to offer customers more complete building automation solutions, especially in the HVAC market."

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