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ARCwire for the Week Ending August 29,2003, reaching over 60,000 professionals worldwide.

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>> Power Gen Performance Mgt: post 2003 Blackout?

After the 'Black Out of 2003' in the North Eastern US, many power producers as well as power transmission companies are taking a fresh look at their performance monitoring and management software. This survey aims to finding out how extensively software packages are used that manage operational performance against business targets in Power Generations. It is designed to capture key benefits, application areas, and priorities for Performance Management functions. In particular, the survey looks to calibrate the need to be able to manage performance in real-time. Power Generating Companies, and their System Software Suppliers are welcome to take this survey. You will receive the results FREE, for taking the survey.

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>> Implementing OEE

The cost of storing and analyzing 20 Gbytes of shop floor data a month is now trivial. Managers can now easily apply well known continuous improvement metrics such as Operating Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) across their entire production line. By continuously discovering what works and what doesn't, managers can radically transform a plant's profitability.


>> US Blackout: Don't Believe Promises Made in the Dark

Now blamed for the recent blackout, the electric power transmission system is owned, operated, and regulated by a complex quilt of overlapping private enterprises, state, and Federal agencies. For several years, the US Government has been trying to restructure this mass toward one that is more reliant on market forces. This incident, however significant, will not speed up this long process, which continues to restrict incentives for investment in new electric power transmission resources.

>> Intelligent P&IDs: The Smart Thing to Do

Intelligent piping & instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) are poised to overcome barriers to entry into the plant operations arena by improving the bottom line.

Intelligent P&IDs offer advantages to Engineering Procurement Construction firms (EPCs) by enabling concurrent engineering and obtaining information by query.

In a recent ARC Insight, Research Director Russ Novak says, "Major advantages include a reduction in capital expense by lowering project costs and improved engineering and design work flows and time to market. Intelligent P&IDs are firmly established as a valuable tool for engineering and design. Now owner/operators can also utilize them."

>> A Major Cause of Delayed Production Startups

Delayed production startups are a primary culprit when manufacturers are unable to meet their time-to-market targets.

The escalating software content in today's automated production systems is frequently seen as a major factor contributing to the delays, but in reality these issues reflect how the plant floor is increasingly subjected to issues previously associated primarily with IT.

Similar to the findings in the IT realm, technical issues are typically not the primary contributors to delayed production startups.

In a recent ARC Insight, Vice President Chantal Polsonetti says, "Manufacturers who focus their improvement efforts on technology and supplier selection alone, without regard to the acquisition process itself, are addressing only a small portion of the overall problem."


>> Honeywell Teams with HTRC Paper Technologies
Honeywell Industry Solutions has signed a partnership contract for the exclusive representation of HTRC Paper Technologies' JumboMaster and WindMaster solutions. The solutions optimize final paper roll size and quality.

>> Schneider Electric & Clipsal Industries Joint Venture

The two companies have formed a 50/50 Joint Venture to manufacture and distribute Electrical Wiring Devices in Asia.

Simultaneously, Schneider has agreed to acquire the Electrical Wiring Devices business of Gerard Industries in Australia from Clipsal Industries and the Gerard Family.

These two transactions respond to three key aspects of Schneider Electric's
strategy: the enhancement of its presence in Asia Pacific, the acceleration of growth in the Residential and Buildings markets, and the widening of its offerings in the Electrical Wiring Devices field.

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