PLC SCADA System Basics

Rockwell - Allen Bradley PLC training & Siemens SCADA basics


Using Rockwell - Allen Bradley look & feel PLC training course and a Siemens SCADA basics course, you get a more blended and sound learning experience. A fitting bundle of courses, as the PLC hardware is most commonly used for RTU SCADA systems. The PLC SCADA System Basics course bundle is a synergetic combination, as PLC projects and applications sometimes include the maintenance tech working with SCADA system. Likewise, the SCADA Engineer can't do their job without knowing PLC basics. Also, the network security section in SCADA system basics course is helpful in maintaining the integrity of the SCADA network. Another thing left out of most online PLC SCADA course.


Other Online PLC SCADA System course are way too expensive. This 2 certificate course hands-on PLC SCADA System training bundle is only a fraction of the cost of others, plus once activating, you don't need internet to take. Use real free SCADA system for hands on, online final test, never expires and you earn 4.2 CEUs (42 PDH)!

What is a PLC?

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. A PLC is an industrial grade Microprocessor specifically designed to control machinery.

What is SCADA?

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), is a software networked to industrial devices like a PLC, providing a pre-designated limited level of control and collecting data from those devices.

Below are some screen shots followed by more details about this PLC SCADA System Basics course bundle.

PLC SCADA System Basics Screen Shots:

PLC SCADA System Basics course Details:

PLC SCADA - $199 for single user (42 hours)

ESBN: S00-672I-0484-7kJ7

(Unlimited users, site license version available.)


We heard your issues with the Online PLC SCADA training courses and came up with our own training solution for you. This downloadable course material approach allows you to take the PLC & SCADA training courses on your own time, your own schedule! No internet required after download & activation, except to take your online PLC SCADA finals. As you can see, our course is 1/10 the price of those other Online PLC SCADA courses. We have no need to hide our price like the others do. You save even more as our course never expires, no monthly or annual fees. Increase comprehension and retention, 1st take PLC course, then SCADA as separate course. (See each course's content below.) With our approach for example, you can download course, go out to sea and still work on your course in your spare time. When you return to shore, you can take online final exam and earn you certificate.


PLC Training

  •  Introduction to PLCs

  •  PLC Input/Output Modules

  •  Safety Circuit

  •  PLC Processors

  •  Numbering Systems & Codes

  •  Basic PLC Programming

  •  Timer & Counter Instructions

  •  Program Control Instructions

  •  Data Manipulation

  •  Math Functions

  •  Shift Registers & Sequencers

  •  PLC Analog Inputs & Outputs

  •  PLC Networks

  •  HMI (Human Machine Interfaces)

  •  PLC Troubleshooting

  •  Trouble Shooting Flow Chart

  •  PLC Video Animations & Glossary

  •  A digital multimeter simulation with moveable leads

  •  Interactive Quiz

  •  Printable PLC PDF Lab Manual

  •  Interactive Quiz

  •  Certificate of Completion

  •  Password Protected Student Log File (for site license owners)


SCADA Training

  •  What is SCADA?

  •  What is WinCC? (Start of WinCC PPT slides)

  •  WinCC examples of creating a new project on a single standalone PC

  •  Creating tags (WinCC examples)

  •  Creating a connection to a PLC (using S7-PLCSIM simulator)

  •  Using the Graphics Designer (WinCC examples)

  •  Configuring alarms and displaying them (WinCC examples)

  •  Industrial Network Security

  •  8 Test throughout course

  •  1 real-world hands-on task with real SDADA software

  •  1 real-world hands-on task with real SDADA software

  •  Instructors: Use PowerPoint Edition you can customize.

  •  Supervisors have employees include them to receive online SCADA test results.

  •  Apprentices and Students get the printable SCADA PDF edition to save money.

  •  Trades people get the printable PDF edition, improve their expertise.

PLC SCADA Course Certificate:

To receive the certificate below you must complete the SCADA course on this page, but first must complete the PLC Training software course. Combine successful completion of both the PLC course at previous mentioned link and the SCADA course on this page to result in you receiving the 4.2 CEU PLC and SCADA course Certificate pictured below. You can order these two courses separately, or bundled together as one purchase here and save even more.

scada certification
PLC SCADA final Certificate
Click to zoom

PLC and SCADA course certificate REQUIRMENTS:

  •  Email a scanned copy of your PLC troubleshooting training software certificate, or fax it.

  •  Complete all test at while you copy SCADA (at) on test results.

  •  Complete the "Training Task" on slide 70 (Modifying an existing SCADA program)


You can take each course separately too, see PLC Training Course details and SCADA Basics course details. But to earn the final certificate, you must have taken both. Use the add to cart to cart button above on this page, to bundle both and save even more!

If you know which brand of SCADA you will be working with, you should take a course offered by that SCADA vendor after completing this course bundle. The courses on this page give you a firm foundation in which to build.


Learning Path: We recommend ...
1st   Industrial Electrical Training Video Course 10DVD

2nd  Electrical Motor and Controls Course

3rd  PLC Programming Basics Course (include in bundle on this page)

4th  PAC Basic Training Course

5th  HMI Training Course

6th  PAC Structured Text Course

7th  DeviceNet Training Course

8th  SCADA Basic Training Course (include in bundle on this page)

9th  Foundation Fieldbus Course

10th  OPC Training Course

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