Total Production Maintenance? (Total Productive Maintenance - TPM)

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Total Productive Maintenance - TPM Management

This PowerPoint is about the TPM that Toyota involves the operator in training in machine maintenance. This PowerPoint also includes the requirements for a successful TPM Introduction. 

By Mike Sondalini

Total Productive Maintenance - Toyota TPM

TPM PowerPoint Samples 

Total Productive Maintenance - TPM PowerPoint
ESBN: PPT-575S-9I18-29A1

Often referred to as "total production maintenance" or "total productivity maintenance", the formal name for the TMP Toyota introduced is "Total Productive Maintenance". That is the method of training operators to get involved in maintenance task too.

This PowerPoint will help you to investigate if the introduction of TPM will help you reduce lost time on operating equipment to a tune of 30% or better. Which is typical for plants who do not already have advanced Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance (PdM) practices in place. This PowerPoint will also help to insure you meet the requirements for a Successful TPM introduction to your facility.

As author Mike Sondalini puts it; "Too many times TPM fails in a company because the operators and maintainers, who are meant to deliver TPM to their equipment, are not involved in its implementation. Rather they get told to ‘do TPM’, and management then wonders why TPM doesn’t work for them."

To make the presentation fun to read, the PowerPoint is designed for the reader to follow Ted, the Maintenance Planner, and Jim, the Lead Operator, as they learn about TPM and what needs to be done to use TPM on the equipment in their operation. 

You and your personnel need to view this power point if ...

  • If you do not already have a successful PM and PdM system in place.
  • If you want to learn how TPM can help you.
  • If you have a TPM in place but it is not meeting your expectations.
  • If you want to increase your facility's throughput.

Total Productive Maintenance is a philosophy for producing 100% quality product, on-time by making sure the production equipment used to make the product operates perfectly. TPM is the result of developments by Japanese researcher Nakajima, and his students, in the 1960’s when Nippondenso started to apply Just-in-Time manufacturing in response to Toyota’s demand for lower cost, higher quality parts. 

Definition: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is an equipment management program that emphasises operator involvement and ownership of equipment performance. The goals of a TPM program are to maximise equipment productivity, maximise equipment availability and make quality product by eliminating causes of equipment defects, losses and wastes through expanding and engaging the knowledge, skills and abilities of the front-line people running the process. 
 Throughout the course you will do activities from the accompanying Workbook that provides the opportunity to learn and discuss numerous issues and perspectives to do with Total Productive Maintenance and it's successful implementation.

Synopsis of TPM Powerpoint:

DAY 1 (85 Color PowerPoint slides)
Introducing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

Management Workbooks(19 Pages)

This Training PowerPoint's will enable you to:
  • Deepen your understanding of the topic
  • Adapt the presentation to your own needs
  • Show the presentation in your own company
  • Communicate the knowledge of Total Productive Maintenance to your colleagues in your organization

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Price:  US$19.99  (85 slides, plus a 19 page workbook!) 

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Table of Contents

total production maintenance, total productivity maintenance, what every you call it. tpm toyota,, operator in training, tpm management Click for 

sample of  "Introducing Total Productive Maintenance" Day 1 



• TPM gives Lifetime Equipment Health
• What is Total Productive Maintenance?
• The Hidden Factory
• The Six Production Losses
• The Seven Process Wastes
• Production Losses and Overall Equipment Effectiveness
• The Substance of TPM
• The Never Ending TPM Cycle


• Total Productive Maintenance is … operator driven reliability:
• Need an Equipment Performance Vision
• Match TPM Process to the Vision
• TPM in a Nutshell


• Purpose of Total Productive Maintenance
• TPM Works by Reducing Risk of Failures
• Multiple Strategies across the Life Cycle 
• Value-Added to Equipment with TPM 
• Risk Reduction with TPM


• Monitoring Operating Effectiveness
• Purpose of Measuring Equipment Performance 
• Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
• Start Measuring Plant Non-Performance
• Production Disruptions Causes Variation
• Pareto Chart the Problems for Focus


• Promoting Operator Ownership
• Operator Monitoring and Watch-keeping
• Equipment Behaviour – Identifying the Degradation Cycle
• Operators Learn about their Equipment 
• Operator Monitoring & Watch-keeping Procedure
• Fact Based Equipment Decisions


• Failure Preventing Job Procedures
• Accuracy Controlled Expert
• Accuracy Controlled SOPs Prevent Variation
• Including 3T Failure Prevention in SOPs
• Accuracy Controlled Enterprise (ACE)
• 7 Visual Quality Management Tools for TPM Problem Solving
• Make measurement Visual, … turn numbers into information


• Identifying TPM Systems and Processes
• Critical Mass of Support
• The People of Successful TPM 
• The Culture of Successful TPM
• Best Performance from Multifunctional Teams
• Role and Importance of Supervisors
• Activity 3 – Building Hi-Performance Teams


• TPM Requires a Change Management Process for Successful Introduction
• Manage TPM Introduction like a Project
• Providing the whole ‘TPM Mix’
• Sustained Resourcing of TPM Processes
• Prototype a TPM Programme for Proof of Worth
• Supporting the TPM programme
• Change … Do … Learn … Improve
• TPM Champions Needed


• Management Support
• TPM Team Objectives
• TPM Team Development
• Identify Current State
• Prioritise Equipment Problems
• Target Key Problems/Set New Standards
• Authorise Proposed Changes
• Improve Documentation/Training
• Return Equipment to Condition/Sustain it
• Measure Improvement/Lock-in Gains
• Second and Third TPM Cycles


• Planning TPM Introduction: using the Change Management Matrix 
• TPM Change Management Requirements
• The TPM Route Map
• Develop Detailed Project Plan & Schedule

certificate of accomplishment19 page workbook


Price:  US$19.99 (85 slides, plus a 19 page workbook!)  

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Automated download system is powered by our preferred method of payment, secure Pay Pal. (After purchase with 'Buy Now' button above, you immediately receive an email with download link.) If you prefer us to manually process your order or would like to mail or fax order in, please click CD and Book Order Form on our secure servers at BIN95.

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