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What is SCADA ... Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ppt

SCADA Training Course

PLC SCADA Basics ppt and plc training software

SCADA Training Course Outline - SCADA Training Course samples

SCADA Training Course
ESBN: S00-672I-0484-7kJ7

We heard your issues with the Online PLC SCADA  training courses and came up with our own training solution for you. This downloadable course material approach allows you to ...


  • take the PLC & SCADA training courses on your own time, your own schedule!

  • spend less than 1/6 the cost of traditional 3 month online PLC SCADA training course.

  • take as much time as you need.

  • access easier as no internet access is required while taking course.

  • increase comprehension and retention, 1st take PLC course, then SCADA as separate course.

  • only PLC SCADA training course you can do at home/work and still get real world troubleshooting experience.


Difference summary: This PLC SCADA course is Basic only, focused from a maintenance perspective, cost less time and money and more convenient than traditional online PLC SCADA Training courses.



Not sure if you need this course or not? Take the online SCADA test and the online PLC test first. If you do not do well, you should probably take this course.


PLC Training Software:

  • Learn the basics about how PLCs and their circuits function.

  • Learn skill, practice and develop effective troubleshooting techniques for PLC systems.

  • Master PLC circuit troubleshooting with continual training in safe environments.

  • Built in videos to to learn about PLCs, their circuits and the PLC simulator.

  • 3 unique PLC controls troubleshooting scenarios.

  • Over 55 challenging malfunctions to diagnose and repair.

  • Perform voltage, resistance, and other tests with the multi-meter.

  • Trace and disconnect wires and replace components.

  • Connect a virtual laptop to the PLC simulator to go online, download PLC programs and change settings

  • Choose between North American or European design standards for PLC training software.

  • More than a dozen hands-on labs to understand PLC operations.

  • 12 practice exercises and guided faults on a basic PLC controls circuit.

  • Troubleshoot over 30 Extra and Genius level PLC faults.

  • Retry the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced PLC faults.

  • Detailed feedback and comprehensive evaluation of your PLC troubleshooting skills.


SCADA Training Course covers ...

  • What is SCADA?

  • What is WinCC? (Start of WinCC PPT slides)

  • WinCC examples of creating a new project on a single standalone PC

  • Creating tags (WinCC examples)

  • Creating a connection to a PLC (using S7-PLCSIM simulator)

  • Using the Graphics Designer (WinCC examples)

  • Configuring alarms and displaying them (WinCC examples)

  • Industrial Network Security

  • 8 Test throughout course

  • 1 real-world hands-on task with real SDADA software

  • Two challenges, (1 uses real free SCADA software you download!)

PLC and SCADA Course Certificate:

To receive the certificate below you must complete the SCADA course on this page, but first must complete the PLC Training software course. Combine successful completion of both the PLC course at previous mentioned link and the SCADA course on this page to result in you receiving the 4.2 CEU PLC and SCADA course Certificate pictured below. You can order these two courses separately, or bundled together as one purchase here and save even more.


PLC SCADA Training Certificate


PLC and SCADA course certificate REQUIRMENTS:

  • Email a scanned copy of your PLC troubleshooting training software certificate, or fax it.

  • Complete all test at while you copy SCADA (at) on test results.

  • Complete the “Training Task”  on slide 70


Designed for use by Instructors, Supervisors, Students and experienced Tradespersons.

Instructors: Use PowerPoint Edition as you can customize for your own classroom training course. (Course Answers upon request)

Supervisors – Have employees include you for online SCADA test results so you can track their progress.

Apprentices and Students – Get the printable PDF edition and save even more money.

Trades people – Get the printable PDF edition and take online SCADA test to refresh and improve your expertise.

Email with download link sent immediately after purchase with "Buy Now" button below. Download will have both PLC Training  Software and the SCADA Basics course in it.

Single User Personal Edition US >$239.00 
PLC-SCADA Basics course

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Note: Some students use our "PLC Trainer (equipment)" with this course. Want the edge? purchase our "PLC Programming Training 10 Video Set" too.