The Toyota way, human error prevention of defect and failure


defect, failure and human error prevention Seminar

Human Error prevention Training by Author/EAM consultant, Mike Sondalini.  Successfully error proof your operation the Toyota way.

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Brisbane, Australia (QLD) - 14 March 2008.
Perth, Australia (WA) - 15 April 2008.
Sydney, Australia (NSW) - 13 May 2008.
Melbourne, Australia (VIC) - 17 June 2008

1-day seminar explains new methods of failure and human error prevention that lets you control ‘chains of events’ and get 100% right-first-time results. Research into decades of equipment failure history for nuclear power stations revealed 72% of operating equipment problems and failures where caused by human error. You learn the new failure and human error prevention techniques of the Accuracy Controlled Enterprise (ACE) method. With ACE you are discovering defects and correcting them before they become problems. This scientifically sound approach is based on the foundation processes used by the Japanese to become the world-renown quality manufacturers they are. The people at Toyota interviewed by Jeffery Liker for his best selling book ‘The Toyota Way’ continually attributed their success in quality management to using the identical methodologies taught in this seminar.

human error prevention with change to win change management program.

Learn about change management with the "Change to Win" program. Also the three "ACE Techniques" below are explained in detail during the seminar.

Defect and Failure True Costing: Lets you spot and quantify the size of your operating risks.

Process Reliability Management:  Provides you with the insights you need to prevent errors and eliminate defects. 

The 3Ts: Target, Tolerance, Test – and is the core of the ACE defect elimination method.

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