Seminar: Using Precision Machine Maintenance Increase Machinery Reliability

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Industrial Precision Maintenance Reliability Revolution Seminar

Join the Industrial Equipment Reliability  Revolution with Author/EAM consultant, Mike Sondalini.  Implement precision maintenance on a shoe string budget.

The dates and locations for the next courses to be held are noted below.

Brisbane, QLD - 13 March 2008.
Perth, WA - 14 April 2008.
Sydney, NSW - 12 May 2008.
Melbourne, VIC - 16 June 2008.

Discover how to use the highest equipment reliability and lowest maintenance costs strategy of all in your operation!

This 1-day seminar teaches you how to successfully implement precision machine maintenance on a shoe string budget and with a lack of resources. Though your shop floor people deliver Precision Machine Maintenance, it is Maintenance and Operations Managers that need to start the change, sustain it and keep improving it. Companies who have sent employees to this seminar have realize an improvement in equipment reliability and a reduction in overall operational costs. This seminar gives real-world examples of equipment reliability improvement using case studies of  vibration analysis. Complete understandings of the work quality requirements, the skills you need for Precision Machine Maintenance, the change management tools that get people willingly involved, and the procedural method to make Precision Machine Maintenance work for you and your operation, are all available at this 1-day seminar.

Equipment Reliability and Maintenance Management

Precision Machine Maintenance saves amazing amounts of money for the companies that use it because:

Their machines and equipment are built not to fail
∑ They reduce the need to use subcontract maintenance people
∑ They maximise quality production and stop scrap
∑ They have vastly fewer stoppages and slowdowns
∑ Fewer spares are used since machines donít need them
∑ Plant availability and productivity is totally maximised

Download the complete Precision Maintenance Reliability Seminar details and registration information today!

 Precision Machine Maintenance Reliability.pdf, please right click on link and select "Save Target As". 

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Can't make the seminar in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne or Sydney Australia? Purchase the Reliability Engineering Training PowerPoint's which also cover the material of this seminar.

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