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What are? and, Why Ebooks?

Ebook is short for Electronic Book, in particular PDF format. This format allows you to view the book on your computer and print off copies for your own personal use. Normally it is downloaded, but we can attach it to an email if you prefer.

Just for your general information, Ebooks have many advantages over typical hard copy books. They are easily copied to multiple locations (no more oops, I left my book behind:>), You can print any or all pages from your computer with original quality (no more poor quality photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy:>). They are lighter and take up less space. They save trees and cost you less. You can use your computer to search thru them (no more thumbing thru warn out pages). They last for ever, never fade and you can't spill coffee on them. They are also typically more current than hard copy versions as they can be updated with no cost to the publisher.

Most of our titles, for the reasons above, are sold in Ebook format only. Some used to be in print (hard copy) but the authors (as well as us, the publisher) soon realized the great advantages of Ebooks over hard copies.

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