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PLC Training Certificate Software course includes Analog instruction


This new PLC Training Certificate Software course includes Analog instruction, an area that has been overlooked by most training materials. The PLC Trainer starts with ladder logic tutorial using real-world PLC examples and takes you all the way to troubleshooting PLCs. The PLC certificate course uses built in Allen Bradley PLC simulator that closely mimics Rockwell's RSLogix 500 PLC programming software for training purposes only (You cannot write your own PLC programs in course software itself). As well as the simulated PLC ladder diagrams and the PLC training simulation, the PLC Trainer course provides audio narrations, text transcripts, interactive exercises, written exercises and even embedded videos, for a diverse, holistic complete learning experience that online PLC training courses could never provide due to internet band widths. This PLC Trainer course is better than a PLC online courses, as it never expires and after activating, you never need the internet to use.

What is a PLC?

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. A PLC is an industrial grade Microprocessor specifically designed to control machinery. Often a PLC gets confused with a PAC by beginners. A PAC is an industrial grade computer (dual full processors) specifically designed to control machinery and Robot motion control. PAC's are in part created to replace PLCs and DCS systems.

What is plc programming?

Writing PLC programs, typically written in Boolean ladder logic diagrams. Although a PLC programmer job will encompass many more skills and technologies. PLC programming is performed by maintenance technicians to the PLC engineer and many other job titles.



Below are some screen shots followed by more details about this PLC Trainer Certificate Course.

PLCTrainer Certificate Course Screen Shots:

PLC Training Certificate Course Details:

PLCTrainer - $149 for single user (30 hours/70 hours with lab manual)

ESBN: C60-79DN-00KT-0100

(Unlimited users, site license version available.)

In the course, you will start out with the introduction to PLCs and their I/O hardware, and safety circuits training modules. Then you'll move on to 8 more training modules that are common in most providers PLC courses like basic PLC programming, and some not so common like data manipulation. Then you will rap up the interactive learning part of the course with 4 more PLC training modules that are rare to find in other PLC Training courses, but most needed out in the real world. Those would be Analog I/O, Networking, HMI and PLC Troubleshooting.

10 of the 14 sections in the PLC Troubleshooting training module have 10 PLC faults. 3 different circuits, for the user to solve using the interactive virtual VOM, PLC ladder logic simulator and other interactive troubleshooting tools provided. The first 4 sections teach you how to troubleshoot. Along the way, electrical safety is taught/tested with Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) dialog window. After going through all 15 training modules, you will take the interactive test, and upon scoring 80% or better, presented with the option to print a certificate of completion. Optionally you can also spend another 40 hours going through the included built in PLC PDF Lab Manual. (If you already own the LogixPro PLC simulator CD, not included in the download only order, there are a lot of exercises in the lab manual using that product.)

Software never expires, so your can go through PLC training course and interactive training again anytime, as a refresher!


  • Introduction to PLCs

  • PLC Input/Output Modules

  • Safety Circuit

  • PLC Processors

  • Numbering Systems & Codes

  • Basic PLC Programming

  • Timer Instructions

  • Counter Instructions

  • Program Control Instructions

  • Data Manipulation

  • Math Functions

  • Shift Registers & Sequencers

  • PLC Analog Inputs & Outputs

  • PLC Networks

  • HMI (Human Machine Interfaces)

  • PLC Troubleshooting

  • Trouble Shooting Flow Chart

  • Glossary

  • PLC Video Animations

  • A digital multimeter simulation with moveable leads

  • Printable Lab Manual

  • Interactive Quiz

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Password Protected Student Log File (for site license owners)


Note to PLC trainer site license customers:

 Even if the PLC training certificate is not printed, the score and student name are saved in the "student log file." Additionally, when the quiz is scored, the student name and final score are appended to a colon delimited text file that may be imported into a database or spreadsheet application.... making the site license purchasing option perfect for Technical Schools, Community Colleges, Universities, Apprenticeship Programs and company training departments.
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PLCTrainer Example Video
(Course mostly interactive, but some videos like below are embedded.)


PLCTrainer Reviews:

"Many of the guys that I work with have been using and talking about your PLCTrainer bundle. I finally ordered a copy and want to let you know that this is exactly what I have been needing. My understanding of the instruction set for our 5/04 processors is so much better now. Now when I am troublehooting a process, I can look at the logic in monitor mode and actually understand what is supposed to happen. This made my job sooooo much easier."
Chuck Pheiffer - Maintenance Mechanic

"I am up to my third educational CD that I have purchased from you, and I just had to let you know that you are all truly amazing people and your dedication to providing a comprehensive and a USER FRIENDLY software is nothing short of brilliant. I now own the Constructor 9, The PLC Trainer and the CLX Trainer. My wife thinks I am out of control but I intend to buy the SCADA very soon. When I am studying sometimes I just rock back in my chair and laugh to myself at just how easy you have made it to learn. Thanks Heaps"
Fred R. - Australia

"I purchased the PLC Trainer software after seeing it being used in training classes at Bama Foods in Tulsa. The engineering manager said they searched the Web for PLC training software, and found Koldwater Industrial Technology. My students really like to use the software to help them understand the book we use. After using the PLC trainer, I purchased the LogixPro PLC simulator. It is excellent! It allows you to experiment with the programs at home. My students are really enjoying the ability to try out programs before they input them on the real PLC's. Any time I have emailed questions, I received a reply almost immediately! This is a great company with which to do business. Thanks for supporting the educational community!"
Mike Smith - Instructor - Francis Tuttle Tech Center

Learning Path: We recommend ...
1st   Industrial Electrical Training Video Course 10DVD

2nd  Electrical Motor and Controls Course

3rd  PLC Programming Basics (page you are on now)

4th  Koldwater Troubleshooting Trainer

5th  Fluid Power Course w/ Hydraulics troubleshooting

6th  VFD Variable Frequency Drive Course

7th  PAC Basic Training

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