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Writing the Perfect PM

Preventive Maintenance (PM) training and software article by Ralph Hackle

How many times have you walked into a plant and asked to see the PM program  and were told that it was not documented.  Maybe it was documented and you read things like �check meter� or �inspect a belt�.  What were you suppose to be checking for?  My two personal favorites are � We have Clem and Joe doing our PM�s� (Preventive Maintenance).  � We don�t know exactly what they do but they sure do a lot of it�.  The next one is the daily PM that has to be dome Monday thru Friday but for some reason not on Saturday or Sunday or when Clem is on vacation.  If some of these statements hit home for you, then you need to know how to write the perfect PM.

             The first step to developing the perfect PM is to develop a template.  This template should be built on a logical sequential order.  It must be worded clearly and concisely and it should contain these points and probably more. 

       A contact person for the area of work.  Communications are essential.

      Each step needs to have some form of a check off such as a __________ or o.

      Safety consideration well documented such as �lock out/ tag out� procedures or equipment specific safety precautions.

      A listed of all needed parts and special tools.

      When using the word check or inspect, be clear as to what needs to be looked at and if needed what to do when found.

o        Example: Inspect shaft for signs of wear such as cracks or discoloration.  If found note on inspection sheet.

o        Example: Check meter.  Meter should read between 25-40.  If out of range either way note on check sheet and immediately inform shift supervisor.

       Task sheets need to be written for the specific skill level doing the work.

      Task sheets need to be written as if  employees are new to the facility.

      Task should have a specific crew size and hours.

      When working on multiple levels or equipment, a flow to the work should be laid out.

      If certain specifications are always needed when performing the task, they need to be included.

      If OEM manuals or prints may be needed for reference, always give their locations and keeper.

      A sign off at the bottom of the task sheet that shows it was completed should be included.

      Periodically, give out a task planning survey sheet when doing the task.  This feedback will be invaluable to the planner and gives the workman say in design.

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