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Fluid Process System Training Software Features

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ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL Training Software Features List by Edition

Feature Personal Pro Interprise
Troubleshoot faults on a highly realistic Industrial Control simulation Yes Yes Yes
Total Number of faults in Troubleshooting Simulator 31 (Standard)
31 51
Includes Guided faults Yes 3 Yes 3 Yes 3
Includes Practice faults Yes 6 Yes 6 Yes 6
Bookmarks User's progress Yes Yes Yes
Provides feedback on troubleshooting process Yes Yes Yes
Provides Evaluation on troubleshooting results Yes Yes Yes
Can retry faults once program is completed Yes Yes Yes
Provides Enhanced Evaluation Yes No Yes
Includes scoring Yes No Yes
Generates printable certificate upon completion Yes No Yes
Create individual reports No No Yes
Manage users with an administration program No No Yes
Customize program settings No No Yes
Create a variety of individual and group reports No No Yes
Export Users results to a .csv file No No Yes
Instructor Guide and Resources included No No Yes
Can be used on Network No No Yes
Number of users allowed by license 1 User Multiple Users Multiple Users

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